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Insights: An Inquiry-Based Elementary School Science Curriculum
Insights: An Inquiry-Based Elementary School Science Curriculum is a K-6 curriculum designed to meet the needs of all children in grades K-6 while specifically addressing urban students. The curriculum and accompanying materials were developed by a coalition of science curriculum specialists and teams of innovative elementary school teachers from across the nation. Each module was pilot-tested by team teachers, revised, field-tested on a larger scale, and revised a second time before reaching the publication stage. The curriculum materials are designed to: develop children's understanding of key science concepts; improve students' abilities to think creatively and critically; encourage problem solving through experiences in the natural environment;foster the development of positive attitudes about science; bridge science concepts to current social and environmental events; and integrate science with the rest of the curriculum, particularly with language arts and mathematics. Supported during its development by the National Science Foundation, one link is to the publisher's website and another is to the Education Development Center site.

Dec 12, 2009

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