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Teaching Elementary School Science as Argument
The Teaching Elementary School Science as Argument (TESSA) has two main purposes: (1) To develop electronic resources (e.g., video cases, electronic journals) to support preservice elementary teachers in learning to teach science as argument, and (2) To study the development of preservice elementary teachers knowledge and practices for teaching school science as argument. The conceptual framework that informs this project brings together the essential elements of scientific inquiry, in particular giving priority to evidence and explanation, with perspectives on. The intention of the framework is to move beyond mere abilities to engage in science as inquiry to an explicit focus on argumentation. Put another way, explanation-driven inquiry remains at the core of the framework. Students still engage in investigating phenomena, collecting and making sense of data, and transforming data through analysis for use in the construction of evidence-based explanations. However, an argumentation focus provides for the following components to be brought to the foreground: authentic discourse, explanation structure, and scientific reasoning.

Dec 19, 2009

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