National Science Foundation
NSF research and development projects have produced useful principles and materials that can be helpful in design and practice of assessment in STEM education. Resources materials include principles of assessment, examples of STEM student assessments, and examples of STEM assessments for teachers.
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STEMStudy is a centralized source of articles, videos, and interactive content that focuses entirely on college preparation and the application process.
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A Complete Guide of STEM Resources
A comprehensive list of STEM resources for students, parents, and educators.
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IT Across Careers
The IT Across Careers (ITAC) project has developed resources that promote broader learning and implementation of information technology (IT) knowledge and skills. Resources include instructional materials and assessment rubrics
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School Leadership Professional Development
School Leadership Games is a professional training tool built for aspiring and practicing school leaders. These games will offer complete simulated school leadership experiences, and will ultimately be configurable into a comprehensive game of school leadership in which players will have the opportunity to run schools and learn the necessary skills and qualities of successful school leaders through game play.
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Digital Interactive Video Exploration & Reflection
DIVER is a tool for authoring and sharing DIVES, in which a DIVE is an annotated perspective on any video record.
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Data-Driven Instructional Systems
The Data-Driven Instructional Systems (DDIS) study looks at how expert school leaders design systems of structures, people and practices to help teachers translate testing data into information for everyday use.
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Concept Assessment Tool for Statics
The Concept Assessment Tool for Statics, a Statics Concept Inventory, measures the ability of a student to use fundamental concepts of Statics to answer questions.
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Database of Measures of Teachers' Mathematics/Science Content Knowledge
This is a searchable database of measures of teachers' mathematics or science content knowledge. The measures of teacher content knowledge were identified and analyzed from empirical research.
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Assessing Teacher Learning about Science Teaching (ATLAST)
Assessing Teacher Learning about Science Teaching (ATLAST) project has developed student and teacher assessments in: Force and motion
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Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT)
Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT) project investigates the mathematical knowledge needed for teaching, and how such knowledge
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Balanced Assessment
Balanced Assessment From 1993 to 2003, the Balanced Assessment in Mathematics Program existed at the Harvard Graduate School
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MOSART: Misconceptions-oriented standards-based assessment resources for teachers
MOSART: Misconceptions-oriented standards-based assessment resources for teachers (MOSART): This site requires users to log in and take a tutorial
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Assessment to Improve Learning in Mathematics: The BEAR Assessment System
The Berkeley Evaluation and Assessment Research (BEAR) Center has for the last several years been involved in the development of an assessment
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Assessment linked to science learning goals: Probing student thinking through assessment
Assessment is a central part of science education today, but understanding assessment's many forms and purposes requires insights gleaned

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